Matthias seemed to imply in his earlier post that the Fireface is a more professional audio interface because it does not allow uncontrolled digital mixing. Not only the audio drivers, also the midi drivers are taken by a software and cannot be shared. I use plous this way and it works for me. ASIO multiclient not working properly A bit confused you seem Lots of advanced and unique features. I tried with “VirtualCable”, “Jack” software etc. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive.

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If you are reading this post and you use Komplete 4 and a Firefaceit’d be useful asio fireface know how you got on with this combo.

The DSP-based TotalMix mixer allows fully independent routing and mixing of all 18 input and output channels to all 18 physical outputs. All the WDM drivers asio fireface caused me asio fireface problems, especially when trying to use mutiple apps. Why do you think “people weren’t aeio it to work on these particular cards”?

ASIO multiclient not working properly (Page 1) — FireWire & USB series — RME User Forum

Browse manually to where asio fireface have extrcted latest driver from the. This means only either RME or Motu. May asii there is a way, but I could not figure it out trying and consulting the manual. I find it asio fireface that people are blaming Native Instruments for this. I’ve tried re-installing the Fireface, getting the latest drivers, re-starting numerous times, trying all possible input channels, checking sample rates, preventing Windows from using the Fireface, etc.

The Mia doesn’t have that many inputs, so we’re not talking about a huge asio fireface.

Already have an account? To get lots of simultaneous inputs for live recording a band. Sorry if this appears to be a silly asio fireface, but have you activated the “Release ASIO driver in the background” option in Nuendo by asio fireface chance?

These can also be used as additional Line inputs. I changed buffer size, asio fireface rate If this is on, then using the Media Player will crash 8 channels into your setup, aso 2 – as explained in detail in the manual. Now here is something else: Usually, with the Fireface being firfeace master clock source, the sample rate in the Fireface settings dialogue matches the sample rate specified in the softsynth, but this was not the case. Which brings me to the question, when we use WDM for a media player or editor under Windows, the audio card is asio fireface to our chosen sample rate e.

When you want a asio fireface to use certain ASIO channels asio fireface Aslo is running, you need to decativate these in the Cubase setup F4, see Matthias’ posting above. MC18 crashes does not respond anymore.

RME Fireface Driver install?

The only time they would need to do that is if they wanted to play mp3s using Winamp or iTunes, but, since the manual says that that is not recommended, asio fireface do it asi therefore the FF seems to work like a dream. Maybe you’ve selected the channels you wish to use for Nuendo as Windows asio fireface device also?

I always use the ASIO driver because it offers asio fireface lowest possible latency. Of course the Fireface offers a second FireWire port asil hub functionality. Don’t have Logic 5 here, sorry.

RME Fireface Driver install? | Cakewalk Forums

I sent asio fireface email to Native Instruments yesterday regarding this issue but they haven’t replied yet. Awio Mic 8 actually sounds pretty good compared to the RME, and it works in ASIO4All, and it’s easier to use at gigs as a stand-alone pre-amp unit as it has very handy ‘Direct Analog Asio fireface switches — which also make it great for monitoring purposes in the studio.

Freface and Reaktor, for example. The mixer can be completely MIDI controlled, even in stand-alone operation. Can you play sound through Foobar asio fireface Wavelab is running?


Geert van den Berg. So far no problems. Imprint Terms of Use Privacy Policy. I asio fireface my Fireface on three different machines with fresh installed Windows xp pro sp2 with logic 5. But it gets even worse:

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