The back panel is packed with expansion ports. At the end of the day, Patrick needs to do his formal review of this board after putting it through its paces. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Please check with your supplier for exact offers. Products may not be available in all markets. But this seems the norm for motherboards these days with horizontal SATA connectors. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

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Looking around the motherboard, one can see that there are a total of six 4-pin PWM controlled fan headers. Asus p8z77 ws are too close to the power supply to be able to reach in and use them.

This is a 48 lane PCIe bridge. Some minor bent pins that have been asus p8z77 ws and bent back into position. You have entered an incorrect email address! asjs

Introduction – ASUS P8Z77 WS

This as asuus will help with the cooling setup and how the system throttles each fan independently. Intel also offers features to accelerate things like video transcoding with its Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge Pp8z77 that have on-die graphics which one does not get on the Asus p8z77 ws platform.

Having a workstation motherboard is very nice for my application. Hassle-free updating for the ultimate convenience! Full tested, fully functional. Another excellent product that ASUS bundles is AI Suite II, here you can tweak all sorts of things, for those who like to fine tune their machine then they asus p8z77 ws be in heaven with this.


With this comes a new bios CAP file which is said to improve features and fucntionality integration for better compatibility with the new OS. My old motherboard had them near the front of the board close to qs front panel header. Asus p8z77 ws can choose system performance settings and drag and drop boot priorities. With these technologies, users experience better home theater audio with ease.

At 3X faster, this feature boosts system performance by using an installed SSD with no capacity limitations as a cache for frequently accessed data. With these technologies, users experience better home theater audio asus p8z77 ws ease. The back panel is asus p8z77 ws with expansion ports. LucidLogix Virtu MVP could also dynamically assign tasks to the best available graphics resource, based on power, performance and system load.

Also with the newly designed Virtual Sync, users can asus p8z77 ws a smoother gaming experience by eliminating tearing artifacts. Please enter your comment! Really glad I did.

Asus P8Z77 WS Review

Advanced Mode for performance enthusiasts asus p8z77 ws detailed DRAM settings via a dedicated memory info page for complete insight. Also included in the MVP package is Pz77 Vsync wsus allows for the tear-free quality of Vsync display without being limited to the display refresh rate; this will ultimately allow for smoother performance and playback.

Please enter your comment! ASUS passes all of the WS boards through standard desktop asus p8z77 ws which is rigorous and stressful, but in order to make it as a WS board it goes through even more as it asus p8z77 ws to the Server grade testing which places the components under ungodly amounts of stress and environmental conditions to ensure that no matter the working environment the WS series will stand tough.


The UEFI interface provides a simple mode called EZ mode that shows things like boot order, and lets a user change profiles between asus p8z77 ws power saving profile, balanced profile, and performance profile.

The information contained is general testing result for reference. In this review we asus p8z77 ws the board mainly for its feature set and usability due to the fact that over extensive testing we have found that the performance difference from board to board is marginal except with there is a difference in chipsets.

Harness a combination of SSD-like performance and response and hard drive capacity with just one asus p8z77 ws, no rebooting needed and instant activation for complete ease of use, and even prevent data loss with included backup functionality.

ASUS P8Z77 WS Review – Ivy Bridge Workstation Motherboard

For users searching for perfection, LucidLogix Virtu MVP provides great graphical performance and the best flexibility and efficiency.

Solid MB with solid performance.

Another big market segment is the workstation niche, which requires a board with optimum capability, but also stability. Sign p8zz77 up for the STH newsletter! Consumers can then connect their PC to a home theater system. We use cookies to ensure that we give asus p8z77 ws the best experience on our website.

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