You have to use the text mode F6 floppy diskette during the initial setup. No, but you’ll need to have the SATA installation driver on a floppy diskette ready to go – press F6 when indicated, insert the diskette and load the driver. This article contains step-by-step instructions to perform this action. Setup did not find any hard disk drives installed in your computer. Try this one instead: Sure would be nice if someone from Dell would answer these questions especially in light of the fact their driver update caused all these problems for me. For example, two hard disk drives may be configured as a mirror set.

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Drive 2 I got the MBR repaired and I actually got it to boot after hours of making sure I copied all the files to another spare drive.

For example, two hard disk drives may be configured as a dell dimension 8400 raid set. The drive you wish to add wiill be the other drive connected to Port 1,2 or 3.

The 2 port drive was readable but not bootable. If that works, I will load the driver that will clone the second drive and see if that works. Not without the floppy mode driver, no. EXE error during setup, which turned into a BSoD with the message that memory referenced could not be read. With regard to reaching help, I’m afraid this forum dell dimension 8400 raid the only help I know about.

Ok, what the heck is ‘signed drives’??

Dell will not be able to help unless you are willing to subscribe to their assistance program. If my answer was helpful, please click: If the RAID is still configured, there should be an option to Re-build the array in either case it dlmension dell dimension 8400 raid. The Windows Setup screen appears again with the message Setup will load support for the following mass storage devices s:.

Until 3 days ago, I had a perfectly working Raid 1 configuration in my Dimension with two Maxtor gig drives. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by dell dimension 8400 raid possible matches as you type.

Users who do not have a RAID disk system may see an error message during installation indicating that there are no hard drives present in the system. At this point the user should press F6 to install the driver.

raid anabling on dimension – Dell Community

Otherwise you need to stay close friends with Google. If so, a special driver is required. The driver you’ll need dimenslon here: A RAID array is generally used as a fault-tolerant dell dimension 8400 raid disk drive configuration.

I can access it 84000 all those programs but XP will not let me install to it. What a company, I swear. Since the system is out of warranty, you can contact your local computer shop if you need help – one way dell dimension 8400 raid the other, if you need personalized support, it won’t be free of charge.

I also would dell dimension 8400 raid to migrate to it without having to spend many more hours doing a compete new simension. Restart the system and press F2 to enter the system bios. Since most machines delivered in that era were not equipped with diskette drives, Dell usually supplied an installation CD that had the SATA drivers slipstreamed into it.

I am dimenison that you followed all the basics; I see that you’ve made sure the CD is clean, that you have re-seated the cables, and dell dimension 8400 raid nothing is connected to the tower other than keyboard, mouse, and monitor. I then spent many more HOURS trying to salvage both drives, most importantly the info on the 2 drive. Before I was half-way through, I found that all was not well.

dimensjon Yes not sure on the effect of all those options. If the installation CD is one that was generated locally due to the need to slipstream something in, its integrity may be questionable. Just a couple of comments on the SATA drivers: I have just “acquired” dell dimension 8400 raid Dimension without any disk drives. Dell Forum member since

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