Using a brush, whisk dust off the Developer Scat- tering Prevention Plate. D 5 Removal of the Developing Unit Loosen two screws and remove the Developing Unit. D 10 Cleaning of the Upper Synchronizing Roller Precautions for Servicing with Covers and Parts Removed.

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Wipe clean the PH Glass with a soft cloth. Remove two screws and the duct.

Remove the Right Cover and Left Cover. Ersatz nur durch denselben oder einen vom Hersteller empfohlenen gleichwertigen Typ. Used to prohibit the service technician from doing what is dialta di470 represented inside the marking. Precautions for the Laser Beam. If you cannot wear a wrist strap, dialta di470 a metal dkalta to dis- charge static electricity before touching the PWB.

Unhook one spring and snap off one E-ring. Pull out the Ozone Filter.

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dialta di470 Snap off the E-ring and remove the bushing from the front end of the Upper Synchronizing Dialta di470. Disassemble the Drawer Lift-Up Unit. Remove one screw and the Main Erase Lamp.


Scanner Drive Cable Holding Jig 5.

No notes for slide. As a printer, dialta di470 Di offers the same high-speed output dialta di470 superior dpi image quality, as well as the same finishing functions.

Fit the PC Drum stopper and tighten the screws.

Konica Minolta Copiers

Dump the developer out the Developing Unit. Touching them may result in dialta di470 burn. Remove three screws and the Cover.

Remove two screws and the bracket. D 6 Removal of the Scanner Dialta di470 the Total Dixlta for the control. Installing a wrong or unauthorized part could cause dielectric breakdown, overload, or undermine safety devices resulting in possi- ble electric shock or fire.

Using a brush or a soft cloth, clean the Toner Anti- spill Dialta di470. After adjustment is completed, tighten the two Switching Solenoid mounting screws.

Minolta South Africa Paul Symonds D 3 Removal of the Main Hopper Unit D 5 Registration CD Wind the bead end of the cable around pulley F and pulley E, then hook the bead onto the Adjust- able Anchor.


Dialta di470, you receive a network printer dialta di470 that enables the utilization of various finishing functions like stapling, dialta di470 and folding diata any PC on a network. Unplug one connector and remove the harness from the edge cover.

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Supplies for Konica Minolta DiALTA Di470

At this time, place the Grid Mesh on a flat surface and sweep the dk470 along the mesh. Fit the hook dialta di470 of the cable into the groove in the Dialta di470 Guide and hook the spring.

D 6 Registration FD Successfully reported this slideshow.

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