Lloyd even climbed into the cockpit of Mike McCormick’s 5-litre boat and posed for pictures. The river conditions were good, but MISS M was down to her last engine, having blown the other in trials. The U-6 also tied down enough points to secure second place in the National Standings and thereby duplicate her accomplishment for overall performance during the season. Fantastic image is crisp and clear. Jim suffered a serious leg injury, which left him with a lifelong limp. Other major victories occurred when she won in and in Madison for the home town fans. Tri-Cities, Washington, July

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Full color photos of all the boats. Near mint plus to mint condition. Crisp and clean image on Kodak glossy stock.

Miss Madison

Yes, it did happen. H1 Jim mccormick hydroplane Racing motorboats Hydroplanes. Today, the Gold Cup race remains in Detroit. In this case, we can only hope that seeing the movie will make fans seek out the true story of the Miss Madison, which in its own right is just as fascinating as the movie version. Very minor cover wear.

RoundAbout Entertainment Guide – The Jim McCormick Story

The scene brought back memories for many race fans, especially those involved in the real event 28 years ago. He wanted to force the other drivers to run a wider jim mccormick hydroplane and longer — track around the 2. Jim McCormick continued to be an exciting presence in Unlimited racing for years hydrooplane.


In lap two, McCormick increased his jim mccormick hydroplane. Lots of photos; articles and information.

Issued at the end of the racing season! Film crew to recreate Madison’s magic moment. The boat, racing under the official number U-6, started out as just the Mccormic Madison and remained that way for a very long time.

To Jim, personally, jydroplane victory before the hometown crowd ranked second in jim mccormick hydroplane only to his wedding day to his wife, Bonnie. August 3, Unlimited Hydroplane Race. It’s not the architecture or the antiques or the scenic beauty that attracts jim mccormick hydroplane.

It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened in my life. Kunz Photos of Dayton Ohio. Postcard stock and size. Photos of all the boats.

Might show very minimal storage wear on edges. Published by Greater Seattle, Inc. No pinholes, no crease, no rips, no tears. And jim mccormick hydroplane each of these boats represented their 13, owners well, it is still the Gold Cup-winning hull that inspires awe.


McCormick, portrayed expertly by Mount Vernon native Jim Caviezel, is the central figure of the movie. Near mint plus to mint. Entering the backstretch of lap one, Jim put the accelerator to the floor and thundered into the lead. Really jim mccormick hydroplane, full color photo. Newer Post Older Post Home.

He had an interest in boat racing. In all, the film and boat crews will encompass about 85 jim mccormick hydroplane, including about 20 workers to be hired jim mccormick hydroplane. No flaws, near mint to mint.

Very nice display piece. It finished second in the first two races of the season, recording the fastest speeds at one of the races, and won the Atomic Cup in the Tri-Cities three weeks after the Gold Cup.

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