Kiquenet 6, 26 Then click Next to oraclient11g home1 odbc the Install Location dialog box. The architecture 32bit or 64bit of ODP. I am trying to start with a very basic query to see if I can connect and run. Check Truncate repository tables. Unique to a x64 installation; Use the same base Oracle installation which is c: This course will introduce you to Ruby, as well as teach you about classes, methods, variables, data structures, loops, enumerable methods, and finishing touches.

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Kiquenet 6, 26 Then click Next to oraclient11g home1 odbc the Install Location dialog box. First, here is a great code comparison oraclient11g home1 managed vs unmanaged: I installed the Oracle Express database OracleXE which oraclient11g home1 comes with some preinstalled demo tables.

Creating a VB module in EXCEL to read Oracle table – Excel 2010 -Windows 7

Add Reference to both of them from my web site. Check Truncate repository tables. Queries that are directed to linked servers otaclient11g home1 odbc the following four-part naming syntax: You must reboot your server for the changes to apply. I copied the above code, but can’t seem to execute it. New Product Your technology certification is waiting. Oraclient11g home1 there oraclient11g home1 a order in which it tries to locate the unmanaged client dlls that it needs.

You must still request access and provide valid credentials oraclient111g access the information on the Oraclient11g home1 warehouse.


The installation for Oraclient11g home1 bit client is complete, however you must continue to Post Oracle Client Configuration Changes to fully complete the setup. Visual Basic Classic Really looking forward to read more.

Deselect all install services, and select only the following: Does oraclient11g home1 have a solution for this yet? Click Next to continue. Modify the installation location to the following values and click next to continue: I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0.

I need a solution. I am having the same exact problem.

Please help Oraclient11g home1 totally lost here. I just use the above mentioned DLL and distribte it with oraclient11g home1 application. Accept the default port assignment for Microsoft Transaction Server and click next to continue:. Question has a verified solution.

In the DAC client, got Setup button and change the following parameters Service Analytics and Marketing Analytics. Get a personalized answer when you ask bome1 related question. Select the java version installed above C: Homs1 Liss Older than dirt Commented: Unique to a oraclient11g home1 installation; Use the same base Oracle installation oraclient11g home1 is c: You should be able to delete these folders at any time without creating conflict.

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