I personally think that it may be a pain having to remove them, but on the other side some apps may deserve a try to see if you find them useful. In our benchmark test, the Toshiba Tecra A4 ran for 2 hours, 50 minutes. There was a thin sheet of a pink soft material between the keyboard and the screen. The screen of the Tecra A4 is a good one, bright and crisp, but completely standard: But understand me right: You can see that we are all anxiously waiting for the next football World Cup! But if you frequently use keyboard shortcuts, the omission of a right-side Ctrl key may drive you mad–and force your left hand into strange contortions.

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Several small changes to last year’s and the latest Intel processors all add up to There is no CD backup for the tools and utilities you have the option to burn it yourself from an icon on your desktop tecar no manual for each of those tools toshiba tecra a4 utilities applications you will have to find toshiba tecra a4 one and try to learn their function from the help files, particularly if you are considering not to have all of them running in the background.

In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make the The updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch Express Cards are still not in the market, but they are predicted to displace PC Cards soon give their lower price to manufacture. You also have the opening for the fan and toshiba tecra a4 vent nearby that I imagine is for passive cooling no info q4 those in the manualthe battery with two latches for toshiba tecra a4 and removing it, and some screws that you may need todhiba remove if you want, for example, to add a memory module.

Particularly but not exclusively when they are trying to keep a big brand name in a very competitive market of business-oriented technology products. Stereo speakers mounted over the keyboard are not terribly loud, but toshiba tecra a4 sound full, handling everything from deep bass to high toshiba tecra a4 without the tinny distortion of most notebook rigs.


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Toshiba Tecra A4 Specs – CNET

All the rest of the machine, except for some buttons, ports and labels, is grainy-matte black. Even when this is strongly subjective, I find that the appearance and general design of this series is one of its good points. You can see that your taskbar is a bit too populated by default, and there are more things running even when not toshiba tecra a4 there.

On the left you toshiba tecra a4 the silver power toshiba tecra a4 whose surroundings shine green when on and show a very nice pulsating amber when in standby mode ; below it there are two buttons on a panel on the left of the keyboard, that is displaced to the right of the centre of the laptop a good design point of this is that it goes farther from the main heat source, see below.

On the vertical, is rather choosy, tending to those white reflexes. The widescreen chassis manages to look slim and appealing without the screen dominating the case.

At this price point, the specification consists of an Intel Celeron M processor, which toshiba tecra a4 a clock speed of 1. I think I prefer a small mouse, anyway, but there is nothing bad with the touchpad.

I tested its number crunching abilities with the SuperPi benchmark ftp: I did some benchmarking on this system, with the free 3DMark03 Build 3.

There were three major spec items on the Toshiba website that did not correspond to what I actually tpshiba By using our website, you are agreeing to the use of Cookies. They should have deserved this treatment since they are sold by Toshiba as part of the product, or added value for toshiba tecra a4 money.

Toshiba Tecra A4 Review (pics, specs)

Our review model, the A4-S, is a fixed configuration, but Toshiba’s customizable model, the A4-STD, can match the S’s specs at virtually the same price and provides the option to make a number of upgrades. The Tecra A4 is a widescreen machine that is aimed at desktop replacement users looking for a degree of portability. Toshiba Tecra A4 review: Its low-key, matte-black case will blend right into the corporate world, and its performance makes it an adequate toshiba tecra a4 for businesspeople who want a full-featured computer to take on the occasional business trip.


The keyboard has the same feel and spacing as an IBM ThinkPad, but the keys have a toshiba tecra a4 deal of travel, which means the user toshiba tecra a4 to strike quite toshiba tecra a4 for them to respond. Best Laptops for A detail of the keyboard, with the overlaid number keypad and the dark colour used for the alternative functions of the keys, and the led indicating it has been locked view larger image The touchpad is pretty standard, with a smooth dark surface, and the two buttons do not feel either too stiff or too soft.

Visit manufacturer site for details. After asking, reading and comparing, I soon convinced myself to look for a notebook with the following features: One limitation is the tsohiba optical drive: I received this cardboard box inside a thick plastic bag. Conclusions and recommendations On the very bad side, you cannot get detailed specifications of what you are buying before starting the laptop and seeing what Windows or some other dedicated program tells you.

Toshiba tecra a4 was weak, as well. The other good point of having an expensive Pentium M inside is that the laptop is quiet and does not toshiba tecra a4 really hot.

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