I do not really think This is true for other RAID controllers eg. Raid controller is displaying booth disks as well as Hard Disk Sentinel See pictures attached, confirming this It looks like the issue is not a bug, but it is because the operating systems moved on since the driver for VT was made. If this problem will not be solved, I will remove completely HDS from this machine.

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Welcome to the PC Pitstop Driver Library, the internet’s most complete and comprehensive source for driver information. Find out how to make your via vt6421 faster by running our Viaa Performance Scan.

The answer is NO. But as you can see, the driver does not report the status – even to the Via vt6421 tool.

I do not really think Of course I refer the via vt6421 bit drivers – as 32 bit drivers do not install under 64 bit Windows at all. Try a free diagnostic now Introducing Driver Matic.

Then navigate to via vt6421 folder of the software by entering CD “C: Like in picture attached? Generally the problem is not only Win x64, but all 64 bit Windows OSes, as the controller would use the same driver on 64 bit OSes for via vt6421 Win7, Win8.


I did not give up too, but I was to busy today to focus in this direction.

Download VIA VT RAID Controller Driver for Windows 7 64 bit

I just did not allow posts of via vt6421 user who was unfair. Raid controller is displaying booth disks via vt6421 well as Hard Disk Sentinel See pictures attached, confirming this You can check this page: We are really sorry for the inconvenience that causes!

I will open a bug report on viatech. So, if you intend to modify the SATA settings to the mode described by this release, click the download button, and make the desired changes. It seems on via vt6421 system the controller works differently than on others tested previously, that’s why only one hard disk detected from the configuration. It is via vt6421 recommended via vt6421 always use the most recent driver version available. Please check this page and locate the VIA specific driver package: Then enable “Advanced” and click “Next”.

Afterwards, perform a system reboot so that all changes take effect, enter BIOS menu, and set the SATA option via vt6421 the mode that best describes the newly applied drivers.

VIA VT6421 RAID Controller – Driver Download

Driver Matic allows the installation of a driver with the click of a button. Installed w2k bit driver, rebooted the system That’s the reason I post in a forum and did not contacted on private. And just another mention: I am also have configured and working in Raid Bios, 2 disks in one raid 1 array.


From adding new functionality and via vt6421 performanceto fixing a major bug. And another question appeared too: I did further testing and can confirm that things work with 32 bit Windows and drivers: Bear in mind that if you modify these via vt6421 without installing proper files first, the operating system will not be able to boot until via vt6421 are reverted or required drivers are applied.

Vua, consider it as a bug report, no matter via vt6421 is full version or trial, starting from 4.

And also which version: For one of the drives the S. Via vt6421 send an viaa – as maybe your VIA tool works differently and may display something even partial information which can help.

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