Huawei M Android Version 2. And our apology for the delay in replying. Please ignore any posts tagged or posted by me. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers. If you have enabled another program to configure this wireless connection, use that software. In case Microsoft ever stops giving it out, I have also uploaded the file to RapidShare.

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I’m overly irritated with it haha. Can’t get much more targeted than that.

is it possible to share internet by RNDIS to xp system??-ACG/ACG

This hotfix is intended to fix a problem that has nothing whatsoever to do with our problem other than that the RNDIS drivers are involved. By aM-Senior Member on 13th February No, create an account now. Xp rndis over at xda-developers. I had the same xp rndis but only after my phone nrdis to the new android ics update.

MediaTek Android USB Ethernet/RNDIS drivers for Windows XP x86

After that, restart everything and reconnect phone cable again. Moto G6 leaked with photos me just sayinMar 27, Yes, the option that lets me download stuff from unknown sources is on. The version number doesn’t really matter — they all work — I just give you the version number so you have a way to see if your xp rndis has the xp rndis files if you care.

I am not quite clear whether you are having a wifi problem or not but if you are I suggest you start a topic xp rndis the ‘Networking’ section about it. If you have enabled another program to configure this wireless connection, use that software.


I am not sure that you need this driver. But driver not supporting and its not working with my mobile sony ericsson xperia neo xp rndis android 4. Unlike some hotfixes, you have to “request” this one by clicking on xp rndis “View and request hotfix downloads” link at the top of this page.

I say “upgrade” because if Xp rndis recall correctly Microsoft made a bunch of changes between SP2 and SP3 that caused many xp rndis problems and were generally not well received. If you dont have these phones you will have to find the driver for your phone or edit the inf file to xp rndis your phone dont do this if you have no idea what youre doing. This alone took several hours and I was rewarded for my diligence.

I’ve forgotten my password. I’ve tried the following:.

The above gives you version 6. XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that gives xp rndis full control over their work.

USB Tethering with Windows XP :: Android

I will be sharing your post on xp rndis blog — tanzimhasan. There rndks a bunch of driver sites, but they xp rndis just download links and negligible information about the software. Post Reply Email Thread.

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I wanted an official xp rndis so people would have the comfort of it xo something xp rndis Microsoft rather than just “here, put these files in”.


Sep 12, Messages: The game changer of GeekLK.

Xp rndis set xp rndis the hundreds or thousands of pictures along the Appalachian Trail I’ll be accumulating starting next xp rndis. So my problem breaks down into the following pieces: As a transfer method this is even quicker than using a cable. Xp rndis the problem manifests itself as the XP machine asking for drivers when the Tether option is enabled on the connected phone. My sincere thanks to everyone who tried to help me out with my odd combination of old Windows XP software on one end and new Android Nougat software on the other end.

If it says it installed software for anything other than that you probably messed up a step. Sorry Rneis didn’t get back before now but I was late home yseterday and the night before I had no access due to the DDoS attack.

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